Our beanie is a lifelong friend when you take good care of it. The beanie will make it through the winter by following these instructions: love, freeze and air it.

Did you know that freezing effectively removes odours and wool itself repels dirt? Our beanies are made of merino wool but may still behave a little differently when washed due to different knits. Never wash a wool product in a washing machine, even with a wool washing programme. In the washing machine, the wool may stretch or shrink. Costo beanies should be washed by hand. Before washing, remove the pom-pom from the beanie. Costo beanies with pom-poms have a buttonhole, and our pom-poms have a button. Removing the pom-pom works in the same way as buttoning a shirt. First, wash the most heavily stained areas with gall soap. Wash the beanie, avoiding rubbing, pressing and lightly squeezing in lukewarm, 30-degree water with wool detergent. However, do not soak the beanie. Drain the wash water and pour clean water of the same temperature into the basin. Rinse the beanie several times until the rinsing water remains clear. Remove excess water from the beanie with a towel and shape the beanie back into shape while wet. All wool products and Costo beanies should be level dried, for example on a clean towel in a well ventilated place.

Our hats are made from furniture-industry surplus materials, so they are very durable. However, when you take proper care of the hat, its lifespan will be even longer.

A hat will last a lifetime by following these instructions: love, freeze and air it! Did you know that freezing effectively removes odours? You can easily remove minor stains with stain remover. However, be sure to test the suitability of the stain remover on a hidden spot of ​​the fabric. With a spot-test you ensure that the cleanser you are using suits the material and the colour will not fade. You can clean the sweatband inside the hat by wiping it with a damp cloth.

The hats main fabrics, linings, and sweatbands are often different materials that behave differently when they get wet. For this reason, we do not recommend machine washing for hats. If the hat requires proper washing, we recommend taking it to the laundry for dry cleaning. 

Some Costo products have leather parts, and some are even entirely leather. We only use real leather in our products because it is a strong and long-lasting material. Regular leather maintenance extends its already long life and makes the product look good even after years.

The first thing to do when maintaining leather is to clean the surface properly. Wipe the surface with a damp towel, and if necessary, you can also use leather cleaners for a more thorough wash. After cleaning, apply leather wax to the surface. There is no need to use too much wax; the leather will be satisfied with even a small amount. The right kinds of conditioners will prevent the leather from cracking and possibly fading over time.

You should never wash leather products with water.

Pom-poms are made of short yarns, and there are hundreds of them in one pom-pom. Sometimes a single thread can come loose and the pom-pom starts to look messy. In this case, you can shape the pom-pom with scissors and cut the run-off threads away to make the pom-pom look perfect again. We call this pom-pom trimming!

Our first pom-poms had a snap attachment, but we soon replaced it with a button, allowing use of the hat without a pom-pom. In 2018, the structure of the pom-pom was made even more durable. We replaced the pom-poms’ binding thread with a cable tie. This ensures that the pom-pom stays in shape even in rougher use. 

Pom-poms are handmade, and sometimes a defective pom-pom gets through, where the tail of the cable tie is too long and it might sting. In this case, carefully cut the tail of the cable tie from the base.

Please note that our pom-poms are not toys or made for pets either. We recommend you keep them where they belong – as a decoration on our hats.

“The hat is tight, the size is too small, and there is a depression in my forehead after wearing it.”

We hear this from our customers now and then, but don’t worry! Our store has a free stretching service for Costo hats. We can stretch the hat up to one size, although we recommend a maximum stretch of one centimetre. The hat may be used or new, but remember that we only stretch Costo hats. We do not stretch beanies or hats made by other manufacturers. Our hats withstand stretching and heat, but we do not know how hats from other manufacturers behave.

We stretch hats during store opening hours, and no appointment is required. It takes about half an hour, so be prepared to wait at least that long.

For us, quality plays a crucial role. This is why we take responsibility for our products throughout their lifetime. A quality product is long lasting, meaning that it is sustainable. We try to repair broken products whenever possible, whether the problem is in the fabric, leather parts or seams.

We want our products to be in use for such a long time that you do not have to give up your Costo too soon. If you notice a defect in your product, please feel free to contact us and we will see if we can repair it. Our repair service is located on Yrjönkatu street, Helsinki, Finland, at the Costo Concept Store. The easiest and fastest way to repair your product is to come and visit us at our store. You can also reach the repair service by email at store@costo.fi. Please remember to attach a picture of the defective spot, and we will immediately see what we can do.