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A reflective pom-pom – what a bright idea! These pom-poms have a reflective thread added in. The pom-pom makes you glow in the dark when light hits it.

The pom-poms are changeable, and they work in the same way as buttoning a shirt. All pom-pom hats and beanies have a buttonhole and the pom-poms have a button. You can use your headwear with the pom-pom in or without it. How easy! 

You can tune your hat with different pom-pom colours and always make the hat look different.

The pom-poms fit all the following Costo hats and beanies with a buttonhole: Kombai, Asmat, Hupla, Weo, Wau, Mibu, Bubu, Baia, Komboro, Birim, Moskona and Goroka.

  • Made in China
  • 100% acrylic surplus yarn

100% Surplus acrylic

Pom-poms are made of short yarns, and there are hundreds of them in one pom-pom. Sometimes a single thread can come loose and the pom-pom starts to look messy. In this case, you can shape the pom-pom with scissors and cut the run-off threads away to make the pom-pom look perfect again. We call this pom-pom trimming!

Our first pom-poms had a snap attachment, but we soon replaced it with a button, allowing use of the hat without a pom-pom. In 2018, the structure of the pom-pom was made even more durable. We replaced the pom-poms’ binding thread with a cable tie. This ensures that the pom-pom stays in shape even in rougher use. 

Pom-poms are handmade, and sometimes a defective pom-pom gets through, where the tail of the cable tie is too long and it might sting. In this case, carefully cut the tail of the cable tie from the base.

Please note that our pom-poms are not toys or made for pets either. We recommend you keep them where they belong – as a decoration on our hats.

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