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The changeable pom-pom is the sign of a true Costo. By changing the pom-pom, you can update your old headwear in an instant.
Changing the pom-pom works in the same way as buttoning a shirt. All pom-pom hats and beanies have a buttonhole and the pom-poms have a button. You can use your headwear with the pom-pom in or without it. How easy! You can tune your hat with different pom-pom colours and always make the hat look different.

The pom-poms fit all the following Costo hats and beanies with a buttonhole: Kombai, Asmat, Hupla, Weo, Wau, Mibu, Bubu, Baia, Komboro, Birim, Moskona and Goroka.
• Made in China• 100% acrylic surplus yarn

100% Surplus acrylic